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I just wanted to thank you for fixing our roofing problem just before the rain came. Your help is really appreciated. Thank you also for fixing our daughter-in-law’s roof. It is raining very heavily as I write and I can only imagine the mess we would have had inside without your help. Thanks again. Kind regards.

Bill O’Neill

My roof was badly damaged in the hail of April 2016 and I had my insurer send out an adjuster to determine my loss. This was very soon after the storm and the adjuster, having several 1000’s of roofs to look at, probably was rushed to the extent that he overlooked many items of damages on my roof and house. This was where Jesse Salazar Roofing-and their sales rep Mr. Rendon-were so valuable to me and my family, as they recognized the overlooked items and dealt, for me, with my insurance. Through these efforts, Mr. Rendon was able to get me coverage for all the overlooked damages and it was several $1000’s. As a layman homeowner, I would have never been able to accomplish what Mr. Rendon and Jesse Salazar Roofing did. I would simply have been out the cost of those items. I am very grateful to Mr. Rendon for his expert services and to Jesse Salazar Roofing for the quality roof job as delivered to me and my family. I will be glad to assure others as to the quality of your work.

Bee Craighead

Awesome work! I contracted Jesse Salazar Roofing to replace my roof that was damaged from hail. They were professional, licensed, quick and reasonable. I highly recommend them! I am so happy with my roof! Thank you Jesse Salazar Roofing!

Rose W.